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[West Yorkshire Horseboxes] They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well this beauty certainly knows she looks fantastic that’s for sure.

This is the latest release of our Equihunter Encore 39 – 3.9t horsebox. 

Equihunter Encore 39 - 3.9 Tonne Horsebox

Blue is the new black – the Equihunter Encore 39

This one sports a safe and robust Stallion layout with a full length partition in two parts. Plus the partition is also fully sliding, operated by one hand and moves from one side to the other with ease.

The uprated chassis delivers over 1,200 kgs of payload on this build.

Built on a long wheelbase Peugeot Boxer, this project offers practical transport for your horses and looks fantastic as well. What more could a horse owner wish for…?

See the full gallery below for more high quality images.

West Yorkshire Horseboxes
2nd February, 2016